Angelina Jolie – Ready For Her Cecil B. De Mille Close Up


Angelina Jolie may purchase Cecil B. De Mille homeA timeless classic, Cecil B. De Mille’s LA mansion is both beautiful and spectacular. De Mille is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of early filmmaking, and he enjoyed much success behind the camera. So it’s only fitting that one of the most popular actresses of today, Angelina Jolie, is considering buying Mr. De Mille’s home.

Winning her first Oscar in a supporting role for the movie Girl Interrupted, Jolie has been in the limelight ever since. She is a constant fixture with every “most beautiful” list. She has definitely made a name for herself–her famous actor parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand notwithstanding.

Jolie is quite the humanitarian as well. Whether it is a foundation of her own, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation or as Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, she continues to make a difference. The beautiful Cecil B. De Mille house seems a perfect fit for the striking film star. De Mille rebuffed the allure of Beverly Hills, and other fancy L.A. neighborhoods, for the authentic feel of the Hollywood. Angelina once said, “I will do the best I can with this life, to be of use.” Ms. Jolie is more than authentic and the De Mille house is more than a house. Angelina is ready for her close up!