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People can be stubborn and stuck in their ways when it’’s time to buy movie tickets online in New Jersey. According to a Wall Street Journal report less than 20% of all regular and discount movie tickets are purchased online. With many digital options like Fandango,, or even ordering on AMC or Regal, movie buyer’s choices are vast. Could it be the nominal surcharge that is assessed with these other options or just the habitual paradigm that makes the difference? For a big movie or last minute date idea, we say buy your cheap movie tickets online in New Jersey.

Not sure which direction to go in to buy movie tickets online in New Jersey? You are not alone; most date nights at the theater are uncertainties to say the least. A really cool source to rely on before purchasing your discount movie tickets is IMDB. It is the go-to database for all things film related. Questions like who’’s starring, who directed, and who wrote the movie you’’re thinking of spending your money on are just a click away. A great film and cheap movie tickets here we come!


““I love this movie theater! It’s super clean, plenty of restroom stalls, soap and towels always in great supply. —I’’m a germaphobe so cleanliness is major. Huge oversized recliners–—I can’t go to any other movie theater.”” Amber H.

““The ticket prices are a little higher than I like and what I’m use to paying, but a great movie experience.” Michelle A.