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When it comes to buying movie ticket gift cards, not all purchases are the same. For example, choose AMC to buy movie tickets online in Wisconsin as a gift, and you’’ll be happy to learn that the recipient has up to five years before the card expires. Regal and Fandango have even better deals for their discount movie tickets. They never expire. Yup, their movie gift card never expires —like in nada, never, and no way. Deals on cheap movie tickets abound.

Should you keep an eye out for matinee showings of that new thriller that’’s been released? Yes, especially when you want to buy movie tickets online in Wisconsin. That may not be a bad idea to keep more cash in your pockets! Yes, even discount movie tickets in Wisconsin have gone up, but if you check local times before you head out you might save a buck. Know what films are playing, and at what time, before you get in your car. Nothing beats a great movie and purchasing cheap movie tickets online in Wisconsin.


“”You will feel like you haven’’t left home watching a movie in this theater —totally awesome experience. Makes lesser theaters need to step up their game big time. The ticket price is not cheap, but this is a 5-star movie house in my book.”” Junior R.

““The staff was super nice and attentive and I don’’t know, but I actually like the fact that it is small and rather intimate. No IMAX reclining seats here. It’’s just an old school theater that showcases the best in indie films.”” Amy W.