Cellphone Use Banned In All U.S. Movie Theaters

Cellphone Use Banned In All U.S. Movie Theaters

“I have two bedrock principles and only two bedrock principles. One is that it’s our burden as managers of the company that runs movie theaters to make sure that the movie-going experience is as wonderful and spectacular as it possibly can be.” This from AMC Theater’s CEO Adam Aron. Hey Adam, you’re my kind of CEO. As an absolute movie fiend, nothing could be better for a perfect movie experience than laying the proper groundwork. But later the movie executive says the following:

“You can’t tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cellphone. That’s not how they live their life.”

Wait one minute. Mr. A. you previously told us you were creating the best movie experience possible. And how will that happen with some kid seating next me tweeting and twittering during the movie I’ve waited three months to see? AMC’s CEO suggested letting these young adults actually use their cellphones during features. Are you f***ing kidding me?! News flash: If you can’t leave your “friends” for 120 minutes to watch a movie (that YOU paid for) you have a problem. That problem is called addiction.

So, should cellphones be banned from U.S. theaters, or am I overreacting? Before you answer that, consider movie production times over the past few years:

  • Boyhood-12 years
  • Avatar-9 years
  • The Simpsons Movie-9 years
  • The Lego Movie-4 years

A script needs to be written, actors and a director hired, sound guys, production staff, wardrobe, makeup, and so much more. From a mere respect-of-art position we should give movies are undivided attention. Everyone on set has given up time to be with their families to produce something for our enjoyment. Someone, or some company, has put up a few bucks to see this production through to the end. Oh, and it does take a minute to edit all the hours of film footage so that we can see the finished product on the big screen. Surely you can see how this articles title is warranted.