Jason Bourne Movie Review


Jason Bourne movie review

The new Jason Bourne thriller has new faces like CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones), Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander), and Craig Jeffers (Ato Essandoh). Audiences are treated to cool action sequences like the one punch knockout in the desert, the motorcycle adventure through Athens, and the Las Vegas strip car chase. (A S.W.A.T. vehicle literally plows through Vegas traffic). But what does our Jason Bourne movie review say about the man previously known as David Webb?

At times it feels systematic and calculated with its pace and delivery. But with a large scale production like this one, it is unavoidable. When Jason leaps off the roof after knocking Malcolm Smith (Bill Camp) around a bit, he only has a piece of cable to grab onto. This scene is quick but feels very authentic. Thank you Mr. Greengrass.

What we could have done without, however, is the numerous flashback scenes. If you are a true Jason Bourne fan, these aren’t needed. If you’re a quasi-fan, the flashbacks won’t really help your experience. Shouldn’t the script take care of this?

The character development and story line of computer guru Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed) is great. It provides a fresh direction for the audience while staying with the plot. Aaron Kalloor is a successful tech entrepreneur who wants to make the internet free from Big Brother. But Dewey has a good bit of dirt on Aaron, as it seems he wasn’t always a Good Samaritan.

And just like Aaron, Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) keeps our attention. She is aggressive, intelligent, and attractive. Actor Alicia Vikander is very believable in her role, and more than fills the shoes of the previous actor who had the privilege of playing the character of Pamela Landy (Joan Allen).

Ms. Lee’s quick wit is showcased in the situation room while tracking Bourne, but she can also be seen out in the field. (Audiences will have no problem spotting her driving a surveillance van). So what is Movieplenty’s overall take with this Jason Bourne movie review? All and all the final product we get from Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass works, and well worth your time.