Jeen-Yuhs Movie Review

Is it sheer will that creates a spirit like Kanye West? What would hip hop music sound like without his influence? What would he be doing if he just quit? Is that going too far for this Jeen-Yuhs movie review?

Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy answers these questions in a firsthand account. For example, Kanye is shadowed earlier in his career by fellow Chicagoan Clarence “Coodie” Simmons. With camera in tow, fans will see the ups and downs of becoming a rap superstar.

Without a doubt, Ye could not have predicted a Kanye West documentary 20 years ago. Nevertheless, that’s just what we have after he jumped into the rap game in 1996.

New Kanye West Documentary in 3 Parts

A Kanye Trilogy gets inside the head of Mr. West–the early, mid, and later parts of his career. The documentary approaches this in three parts: Vision, Purpose, and Awakenings.

So, not only will Ye fans see how he became a pop culture phenomenon, but this Donda documentary also goes deeper. For example, we’ll get to know a little about his late mother Donda West, his relationship with Jay-Z, Dame Dash, Mos Def, and others. The good and the bad that makes up a billionaire.

I remember an acting teacher telling me years ago that every actor has a degree of ego within. Unquestionably, I believe this to be true. Obviously, Yeezy is not an actor. But he does possess the ego needed to sustain decades in the spotlight. Quite an achievement.

To make it in the music business is extremely difficult to say the least. Fighting the rejection over and over is what we see in this Kanye West movie. Simply put, how Ye became Ye.

To sum it up, Jeen-Yuhs allows us to be a fly on the wall. We see music history being made. We get to learn more about Kanye and enjoy his music. I don’t believe Kanye, Clarence, or Chike are aiming for anything more.

Some may expect Jeen-Yuhs to deliver a documentary experience like 20 Feet From Stardom or Summer of Soul. As for me, I think this Kanye West Netflix documentary is meant to merely entertain. I’m certain that’s what Ye intended.

Director: Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah

Cast: Kanye West

Release date: January 23, 2022

Runtime: 280 minutes