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Buy Movie Tickets Online - Wyoming

Movie fans can be rather old fashioned when it comes to new technology, and unwilling to change when pressed to buy movie tickets online. The Wall Street Journal has reported that less than 1 out of 5 cinephiles will get those tickets online. Why so low you may be thinking. It can’t be a lack of online outlets–Fandango,, and even movie giants AMC and Regal make the movie ticket process simple. Does it just come to dollars and cents perhaps? Apparently the surcharge added to the movie ticket purchase price–no matter how small–is more than the majority of movie goers are willing to pay for movie tickets online.

So will this buying habit change anytime soon? Movie industries experts say, “Yes”. The industry admits that it will be slow, but is confident larger ticket sells will be derived when movie fans buy movie tickets online. Movie ticket vendors like Fandango have been selling movie fans on additional perks (other than the obvious online convenience) like rewards programs and free screenings. Like all other industries, the film business will evolve and buying movie tickets online or via a phone or tablets will be as common as saying, “Extra butter on my popcorn please.”


“Parking is a breeze, the seats are extremely comfortable, and the crowd is always respectful–no talking and cellphone backlight glares.” Paul A.

“I have been coming to this theater for at least 5 years and don’t know why I haven’t reviewed these guys. The staff is always nice, and the popcorn is always fresh.” Amber W.